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2 Largest Lakes on Hill Country Ranch



Property Details

  • County:Gillespie
  • Address:2171 Schumann Road
  • Zip:78671
  • Type:Farms, Ranches
  • City:Fredericksburg
  • Acres:835
  • State/Zip:Texas 78671
  • Status:Sold

Property Description

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Incredible deal on the 2 largest lakes on a private ranch in the Hill Country area one hour west of Austin and San Antonio.

Water: In the middle of the ranch lies a 28 acre, entirely private lake that is loaded with largemouth bass and during the winter covered up with ducks and even geese. On one side of the lake is a beautiful rolling pasture of coastal bermuda with grandaddy oak trees along the shoreline. The other side of the lake rolls up to a hill lined with elms, live oaks and scattered mottes of shin oaks. The massive dam and overflow spillway are an amazing 1,500 feet long and managed to an incredible level to be covered in Coastal Bermuda and completely free of any intrusive brush or tree cover. An amazing amount of work has gone into this over the years to be in the perfect shape its in and many local and migratory game rely on it as a water source throughout the year.

The second amazing water feature of 2 Lakes Ranch is the 42 acre lake. This lake is owned with 2 other neighbors and has the best side being out of the flood plain with 1700' of shoreline. Standing on the shoreline and looking across to the other shoreline is 1,600 feet long - 5 football fields long - in distance. You can easily jet ski or tube on this lake. The bass fishing is also outstanding. I caught an 8-9 pound bass on the 2nd cast when I first fished it. I also have seen a bald eagle on the shoreline eating a fish. The bald eagle on a ranch and a bass that big are a first for me ever. A couple weeks ago there were 2 pelicans. Just incredible!

Location, Location, Location: This location could not be better for an outdoorsman that wants to be close to a town that has every need possible like Fredericksburg, yet wants to be away from it all under a blanket of stars without city lights interfering. Look how close this spectacular ranch is to these towns from the 2 Lakes Ranch front gate:

-Austin: 67 miles to downtown Austin
-San Antonio: 67 miles to downtown San Antonio
-Fredericksburg: Only 22 miles away! Need I say more? Everyone knows this is the neatest town in Texas. Anything is available for your ranch needs. The shopping is second to none for the wives. The custom boots are the best for the men along with multiple farm and ranch stores. A wide variety of food is sure to please. Its also home to over 200 bed and breakfasts to stay at while you build your dream ranch home at 2 Lakes Ranch.
-Luchenbach: 17 miles away so you and your friends can attend concerts of the best country bands Texas has to offer
-Johnson City: 17.5 miles away; Lots of artists to visit with, good restaurants, a brewery, a new museum, and the best little town light show during Christmas
-Blanco: 17 miles away; Great food and great place for supplies on the way to the ranch from Austin or San Antonio
-Stonewall: Only 8 miles away from a couple restaurants, gas, and basic supplies - the 100 year old General Store here is fantastic
-Hye: 7.5 miles away; The Hye Market is the center of the up and coming wine region
-Albert: You are only 2 miles to Albert, Texas which has one of the coolest icehouses in Texas plus a dancehall and school house over a century old. The previous owners of this ranch used to ride to that school on horseback everyday. In Albert Wednesday through Saturday you can enjoy country bands, cold beverages, and the best bacon-jalepeno cheeseburger youve ever laid your taste buds on. Check this icehouse out on a Wednesday night for the ultimate western band and you wont be able to sleep at night because this ranch will be all you can think about trust me Ive done it.

Vineyards: if you like wine, between Fredericksburg and Johnson City there are 30+ vineyards, more are being built as I type this, and this ranch sits just about in the middle of it all. This ranch itself would actually lend itself to a great vineyard in an area next to the 28 acre lake that was historically acres of cantaloupe, contains rows and would be easy to get back active. The area is known to have real good ground water.

Garrison Brothers Distillery if you dont like wine, there is always the Garrison Brothers Distillery 5 miles down the road on the way to Hye, Texas.

Land: This is the way I like it - tucked back in to be ultra-private, but close to everything. 2 Lakes Ranch has a 60 foot wide owned lane going back 3600 feet that features a brand new chip seal road to get you into the ranch as smooth as is possible. I love having the main ranch off the road this way because this provides maximum privacy and security. Everyone in the county is not driving down your fence line looking at all your big deer, house, or watching you kayak around catching bass on your own private lake. The ranch is set back just enough and the views in and out are magnificent of the surrounding rolling hills. The views have to be at least 20 to 30 miles.

The land itself is rolling and there are water opportunities all over the ranch. This ranch has a big portion of a 20,000 acre watershed that goes through the middle of the ranch down into the 28 acre lake, so you could literally build another big lake or two, or just have 1/2 acre ponds throughout the ranch to water your game or livestock. Because of the watershed, most of the 835 acres is great soil. This great soil has provided multiple fields where cantaloupe and tomatoes used to be harvested years ago and food plots the deer and turkey thrive on. It also has been a huge part in growing the many pecan, elm, spanish oak, shin oak and live oaks of which some are just about as big as you can find anywhere.

The north end of the ranch consists of a big, flat hill top that looks out onto dark green oat pastures with sheep grazing next door. Down below the view is the 42 acre lake with all of its glory. This hilltop is covered with mostly spanish oaks and mottes of shin oak. Going through the ranch on the east is larger cedar which provide great cover for deer. To the west side of the ranch it has been manicured really well. Most cedar is gone, tall grasses are swaying in the wind, and Live Oaks, Elm and Spanish Oaks are scattered throughout. Going south on the ranch the land rolls up to the highest altitude at 1800 feet in the back where you can see across the whole Pedernales River Valley. Its truly breathtaking.

Trophy Hunting: 2 Lakes Ranch is home to monster whitetail as well as many Axis. The ranch owners have released bucks all the way up to 240" to breed does that were brought up and released from South Texas. A couple weeks ago I was fortunate to see 7 Axis bucks standing in a coastal field there. If you like turkey - this is another bonus - there are hundreds. Literally in a couple hours one day I saw 4 groups of 30-60 turkey in different areas throughout the ranch. One morning at sunup I heard gobblers in three different roosts far apart from each other. During the fall and winter there are thousands of different ducks and geese that come through the ranch to stop over on the lakes. One day in January, the entire 28 acre lake was plastered with ducks and canadian geese.

Trophy Fishing: The first catch on the 42 acre lake for me was 8-9 pounds. The owners have just stocked the 28 acre lake with 8,000 bluegill to maximize the bass growth. There have also been 50-60 cedar trees dragged into the lake to provide excellent structure for the bait fish and bass. The fish biologist who shocked the lake said it was loaded with bass.

Improvements: There is a new gorgeous 36X60 Teton-style barn overlooking the 28 acre lake. It was built by Revens Builders out of Llano County. It is setup to use for horses, cattle, or any livestock situation. It was also built in a way so that it could easily be converted into a barndominium or 100% living space in a matter of months. The 42 acre lake has a 32X30 covered boat dock with a bass boat slip, fishing area, fish feeder, and ladder for those hot days swimming. The 28 acre lake has a 40 foot bridge that goes out onto an 8X10 platform used to tie up kayaks and provide a platform for the fish feeder that hundreds of stocked bluegill arrive at during feeding time for some high protein pellets. If you ever wanted to take a break from the lakes and get some shotgun practice in for dove season, there is a skeet range with a high and low tower that matches the Teton Barn. To get around to all of these improvements there are 10 miles of roads freshly bladed, smoothed out - ready to keep your coffee in your cup as you drive around at sunrise each morning. The fencing around the ranch is in great shape with cross fencing and multiple pastures fenced to help move livestock around. There are 5 new state-of-the-art Judge Feeders and Deer Blinds throughout the ranch. The ranch has electric in multiple places and a brand new 15 GPM well.

Minerals: Half of the minerals owned will be conveyed. The owners believe they own 100%.

Summary: This ranch is truly a showplace and is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the top ranches in the entire hill country. Its not the new amenities, smooth roads, giant oaks, pecan tree groves, or great soils that make this place a top notch ranch. There are other ranches that have those items. The diamonds on this ranch are the 28 acre lake and the 42 acre lake. Ive searched high and low and cant find bigger lakes on a private ranch in the hill country.

This ranch has multiple different potential uses. It would be incredible as a camp, a high end resort, a premiere hunting and fishing lodge, a development, an excellent investment, or a very nice personal recreational ranch.

Also available as a 515 acre tract with the 2 big lakes.


Property Map / Directions

From Austin: Go to Hye, Texas then west on Highway 290 for 1 mile Then left on Lower Albert Road At deadend go left for 100 Yards then right on Schumann Road Go 2.1 miles to gate on left From San Antonio: North on 281 Left in Blanco on 1623 In Albert turn left on Schumann Road Go 2.1 miles to gate on left